Mission: To improve the quality of life of children through the game of football.

Vision: A world where all children have access to food, education, and sport.

The Football for the World Foundation all started with one simple line, “The World’s Game, Helping the World’s People”. This is the line that our founder, Alikhan Popat, heard as he was travelling back home from a 7 AM morning coaching session from Moti Bagh School in New Delhi, India while on the Arsenal FC Gap Year Programme in January of 2012.

Once Alikhan heard this line, he immediately picked up the phone and called his parents back home in Canada to let them know what had happened. He was sure that this one line, just a simple tag line, was going to be the start of something great.

What We Do

Football for the World Foundation (FFTW) works with schools, sports clubs, community groups, individuals and corporations to improve the quality of life of children through the game of football. Using the game as a tool, FFTW is able to equip, educate, excel and empower children on and off the field through its flagship programs which include Equipment, Environment, and Development.

  • Equip

    We aspire to create an environment where all children are given the essential tools they need to reach their potential, both on and off the field. With access to the right equipment, safe playing fields, and development training programs, children are given an opportunity to express themselves and grow both as footballers and as human beings.



  • Educate

    Once equipped, our next stage is to provide children with a foundation on what the game of football can teach them and how they can apply it to their everyday lives. As football is much more than just a game, children will learn a number of life skills including teamwork, how to respond from a win/loss, how to fit in a team environment, and on an individual level, how to develop their own confidence and self-worth. This way, football not only becomes the fun and exciting sport that we all love but also a place where children can learn many valuable life skills which they can take with them as they journey on through life.

  • Empower

    Every child has their own unique potential and at the FFTW Foundation our goal is to help them find this unique potential. Whether on or off the field, we believe each child has the ability to achieve something special beyond their own circumstances. By being properly equipped and participating in our development programs, our hope is to inspire these children to unleash their potential and assist them in the pursuit of their goals.

  • Excel

    Once a child has all the right tools, an education and a new found potential through the game of football, we believe that they will now be able to grow into future leaders and make a direct impact in their own communities and even the world at large. By growing physically, mentally, and socially through our programs, children will now have their own self-determination to create a pathway of embetterment for themselves and their communities and become the real change makers on the ground.