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Developing Future Community Leaders.

The aim of FFTW Development is to implement and run football training programs and personal skills training internationally as well as within Canada for children aged 6-13.The goal of our programs is to teach children the fundamentals of football in a fun, safe and educational environment.

Although our primary focus is on developing complete footballers, our personal skills’ training is also a very key component to our programs. At FFTW Development, we believe that football can teach players a number of different life skills (such as teamwork, communication skills, goal-setting, self-growth, and confidence) which become integral to players lives as they mature into their adulthood.

Apart from coaching youth, FFTW Development also strives to create sustainability in the countries we work in by offering ‘Coaching the Coaches’ programs to local coaches and teachers. These programs enable local coaches to get FFTW certified which enables them to learn how to create session plans, organize a program based on their players needs, and also learn how to act as positive role models for the children in their community.

Program: The Individual

Players will learn how to control the ball both on the ground and in the air. Players will learn which type of control to use depending on whether they are being marked or not. The three key elements of this section include how to cushion the ball, protect and travel with the ball

Players will learn a variety of different speed skills and turning techniques. Speed skills can be used to beat a defender and turning techniques will help your child get that little bit of extra space on the pitch to make something happen.

Players will learn how to pass and strike the ball with all different parts of their feet. A focus is put on when to use which technique at any given time in a match scenario. Practicing and mastering the ability to pass with both feet is also a key element in this section.

Program: The Team

This area will focus on ‘transition play’. Players will learn how to react when losing or gaining the ball in relation to where they, their teammates and the opponents are. Key elements include when to counter attack and how to recover when losing the ball.

Players will learn where they should be on the pitch in relation to the ball, where their teammates and where the opposition is. They will be given the opportunity to try different positions and roles and have a better understanding of what is expected in each position without limiting creativity.

The camp will place an emphasis on how to keep possession of the ball. Through gaining confidence in your abilities and becoming more relaxed on the ball this can be achieved. Players will gain an understanding of finding the best option as opposed to just kicking the ball without looking.

Program: The Coach

After participating in our ‘Coaching the Coaches’ Programs, local coaches will be able to organize a variety of different sessions. All sessions will have a particular focus with a topic specific warm up, main session and matches at the end putting what players have learnt into a game situation.

Local coaches will be able to develop programs based specifically on their player’s needs. With learning which areas their players need to improve on most, coaches will have the experience to pick and choose which sessions will help develop their players to the highest level both technically and tactically.

As an FFTW certified coach, each coach will learn the right attitude to have both on and off the pitch as positive role models.  With being surrounded by his/her players on a regular basis, it is very important for the coach to show respect to all referees, coaches, and most importantly to his/her own players.