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FAQs: Canada Foundation Donation vs. U.S. Foundation Donation

What’s the difference?

Football for the World Canada and Football for the World USA are the same organization. Legally split into separate entities, the two work hand in hand towards the same mission to improve the quality of life for children through the game of football. FFTW USA has been created as an expansion of the original Football for the World organization that was founded in Canada. Each organization has its own governing board of directors, but work towards the same common goal. FFTW Canada is a registered nonprofit in Canada, but does not have charity status and therefore cannot issue tax receipts. FFTW USA is an officially registered 501c3 nonprofit organization and therefore donations are tax deductible.

How do I know which organization I should give to? What are the benefits of donating to one over the other?

If you are a US citizen or claim income from the US on your yearly US tax returns, you will want to donate to FFTW USA in order to claim your donation upon filing. If you are Canadian citizen, you will want to donate to FFTW Canada but can still contribute to the US branch. If you are an international supporter, there is no difference over which organization you make your contribution. Both entities earmark donations to support the same international projects.

I am a Canadian citizen, but I donated to FFTW USA. Is my contribution tax deductible?

Unless you file a tax return in the United States, you cannot claim a donation to FFTW USA on your Canadian tax return.

I am an American citizen, but I donated to FFTW CAN. Is my contribution tax deductible?

In order to claim your tax deductible contribution, you will need to make your tax deductible contribution to FFTW USA. If you have already made your contribution, we can refund the donation and redirect your contribution to the proper recipient.

Do donations to the different entities benefit the same projects?

Yes. Regardless if you donate to FFTW Canada or FFTW USA, your donation will support international projects all across the world. This includes our projects in Kanungu, Uganda; Kingston, Jamaica; and all other locations in which we run our programs through our respective programs (FFTW Equipment, FFTW Environment & FFTW Development).

I would like to write a check and mail in my contribution. What is the mailing address for the organization?

Please send checks supporting Football for the World Foundation – Canada to the following address:
Football for the World Foundation
15 Hoddle Crescent
Kitchener, Ontario N2N2N2

Please send checks supporting Football for the World Foundation – USA to the following address:
Football for the World Foundation – USA (FFTW or FFTW-USA are also acceptable)
6304 S. 23rd Street
Omaha, NE 68107

How does shopping on Amazon support FFTW USA? 

By shopping at instead of plain old, 0.5 percent of the value of your purchases will be donated to the charity of your choice (We hope you pick us!). Amazon Smile and offer the same products, deals and 2-day shipping for prime customers. You simply need to set FFTW-USA as your default charity and remember to start at next time you are shopping online.

Still not sure where to make your donation? Please contact us for more information. We appreciate your support!  Email us at