The FFTW Pick Up Soccer League is a recreational/competitive pick up soccer league which is held in the Waterloo Region (Kitchener, Waterloo & Cambridge) weekly. The purpose of the league is to create a general awareness of the FFTW’s work while also allowing locals in the KW region to play the game they love while at the same time giving back to those in need. Yes, just by playing, you are helping children across the world improve the quality of their lives through football! This is because all the funds that are collected via the FFTW Pick Up League go to the FFTW Foundation’s current international projects.

To find an FFTW Pick Up Match Near You: 

1. Join the FFTW Pick Up Soccer League Facebook Page: Click Here to Join
2. Matches will be posted on this group weekly. We offer both matches on turf as well as futsal matches at venues throughout the tri-cities which include Bechtel Park, RIM Park, COM DEV and various gymnasiums for futsal.
3. In terms of signing up for a match day, the rules are simple!

To sign up for a match day all you have to do is the following:

  • Comment on a post which shows an offered match day available to confirm your spot
  • OR Text or call 226-978-1793 to confirm your spot

Prices to attend particular match days vary depending on which locations have been booked.


  • If for any reason you cannot attend a match day after confirming your spot, you have until 2 DAYS before the match day to find a replacement. If you cannot find a replacement, your player fee will STILL BE OWED to the FFTW Pick Up Soccer League.
  • All funds collected from the FFTW Pick Up Soccer League go to the Football for the World Foundation – a federally registered not-for-profit within Canada which is looking to improve the quality of life of children worldwide through football.
  • If you have ANY additional questions, comments or concerns regarding the FFTW Pick Up Soccer League, please be sure to get in touch with Alikhan Popat:
    Phone: 226-978-1793